Good morning, you’ve hopefully just received some vinyl graphics from us to fit to vehicles.

We have put this quick guide together to help you in installing. If, at any point you need further assistance, please feel free to call us on 0203 167 0400.

In your delivery, you will have received:

  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Masking Tape
  • Blue Squeegee

First, you need to prep the vehicle so ensure the install area is clean and use a damp cloth to remove any dirt/marks to ensure a good quality install. Always make sure the panels are completely dry after by using a dry cloth/towel.

Next, you’ll need to put the graphic roughly where you want to install. This will be easier with two people.

Hold the graphic up to the vehicle and use the masking tape provided to run a strip of tape down the middle of the print, taping it to the vehicle. You can do this a few times to ensure the tape holds.

The graphic should be straight now and taped in place.

Again, if you have someone to help, this part will be easier – fold the left side of the graphic back on itself over the right one. Think of the tape in the middle as a hinge.

Once folded back against the vehicle, peel the backing paper off slowly, keeping a hold on the edge of the vinyl.

Pull the backing to the middle hinge, then use scissors to cut it off, be careful not to cut through the vinyl.

Now, if you have someone to help, have them grab both corners of the vinyl (top and bottom) and pull it back to where it was, but ensuring it doesn’t touch the vehicle.

If you have the squeegee, now begin running it up and down the vinyl from the hinge towards your assistant. The best way is at a 45 degree angle. You can always peel the vinyl back off if you run into issues and try again.

Once laid, repeat for the other side.

You can also watch this which demonstrates the same method: