Our Corporate Social Responsibility

A large majority of printing companies are set in their own ways and very reluctant to change. Many of our competitors are busy fighting for work on small margins, overlooking the bigger picture. At Citiprint, we’re different and committed to ensuring we have as little an impact on the environment as possible with the large volume of printed material we print each year.

All of our carefully chosen material suppliers are like minded, allowing us to share one common vision – a sustainable print industry. CSR takes a prominent place in our strategy as a business and will continue to be the central focal point as both we and our clients grow. In the last two decades, climate change has become an integral part of how the world handles commercial production on any large scale and the print industry is no exception. It is our view that our directors have a strong moral obligation to build a business in the best interests of both sustainability and the planet.

Amongst our clients and partners, we feel a strong sense of like-mindedness when it comes to our strategy towards tackling this and we’re extremely privileged and proud to be recognised as a printing company making a difference.


We work extremely hard in our production facilities to ensure our recycling exceeds industry expectations. We’re now proud to say that 99% of our waste is diverted from landfill with recycling taking place wherever possible.


We fulfill deliveries entirely in house with route planning and the latest fuel efficient vehicles at the heart of this service. We are currently trialling electric commercial vehicles.

ISO 14001

We are currently preparing to undergo initial audit for a certification in Environmental Management to show our hard work behind the scenes caring for our planet for the next generations.


Each member of the team understands how important working ethically with our local community, partners and customers is for our business. We have an obligation to deal ethically in every transaction we make to allow us all to grow.

Our Charity Involvement