We’ve all once been in a queue – there’s no doubt about that, but more often than not you’ve been behind someone with a logo adorned on the back of their polo shirt or jacket as workwear. Sometimes it’s a familiar brand to us, perhaps a big heating or plumbing company or maybe a chain of car dealerships. Either way, workwear is always an investment no matter what industry or business you’re in.

Here’s our 3 key reasons workwear is so important:

  • TRUST – If someone knocked on your door in jeans and a t-shirt explaining they’re from your energy company asking to come in, you’d probably point blank refuse. However, workwear builds and gains trust – whether you have 1 employee or 10,000, having suitable and consistent workwear keeps your brand in high trust and gives a very professional image to your customers.
  • RECOGNITION – Our minds work in amazing ways, especially when it comes to subliminal messages. On your morning commute, you may see a sign written van for a company you’ve never heard of and you think nothing of it. But, if later in the day you see another or perhaps staff from that company, you instantly recognise and remember it even after only seeing the brand once. Imagine this on a larger daily scale, this is how powerful workwear can be for brand recognition.
  • SAFETY – branded workwear not only keeps your staff safe but also your customers. Anyone can buy a lanyard online for a few quid and print their own ID badge but branded workwear is often difficult to copy and most reputable printing companies will ask for proof if you walked in asking for 5 British Gas jumpers to be printed. With branded workwear, you can be assured your customers also feel safe, easily being able to identify contractor or third party staff on site or on their premises.


Aside from these reasons, there is obviously the aspect of free advertising. Wearing your workwear when walking the dog, taking a flight or popping to the shops all helps build your brand through print.

We’re capable of producing upwards of 250 branded workwear items a day at our Hertfordshire premises and have some of the best buying power in the industry to allow for the best pricing and quality on printed and embroidered garments.

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