It’s often the first thing we see in most instances – British Gas pulling up on the drive in a blue livery van, the distinct yellow and black of the AA arriving on the hard shoulder and the commonly used hazard chevrons on maintenance vehicles. Whichever way you look at it, you see a sign written vehicle every day. That makes you just one of around 3,000 people who will see that vehicle per hour.

Many businesses may opt for the discreet look and keep their brands completely unbranded – normally for security purposes but if it’s for lack of wanting to spend out, let us give you some pointers.


  • Brand Recognition – keeping your brand image consistent with print, signage and vehicle graphics creates a strong brand image which helps customers recall said brand and gives them trust and faith. If a gas engineer arrives on your doorstep and has a sign written vehicle parked up, you’re more likely to trust that person and find them credible.
  • Cost Effectiveness – sign writing a medium-large size van is often around £300+vat, which compared to other advertising mediums is very effective as it’s a one time cost. We sit down with you and design the graphics to ensure you get the maximum exposure. To put the cost into perspective, radio advertising typically costs upwards of £150/day with no visual brand image and a very short time to get your message across.
  • Paintwork Protection – if you opt for a partial or full vehicle wrap, your paintwork underneath will be protected from keying, scratches and paint fade. This is great for leased vehicles where the paint is inspected at the end of the lease term. We also offer a de-wrap service at the end of your lease.
  • Leads and Free Advertising – having your company’s services advertised on your vehicle is in effect free advertising and great for lead generations. Builders will often acquire work from people nearby to a job they’re working on through van signage.
  • Reputation – having a branded vehicle shows you’re proud to have your company shown to the public. Large vehicle fleets like Eddie Stobart’s for example have become an icon on the roads and instantly recognisable. If you opt for something a bit out of the box with your wrap or graphics, you’re bound to be noticed and photographed – getting your company details onto every photo shared.


Our vehicle sign writing starts from just £35+vat for small graphics. We can fit and install any graphics at our unit in Welham Green, Hertfordshire and cut vinyl graphics in house for a Same Day service when you need it. To get a quote or to speak to us about the design process, click here to email us or call 0843 289 4819 or visit us at Unit 6, AL9 7HB.