Print has been used by businesses for centuries really. Billboards, flyers and business cards all derived from slate carvings, parchment paper and flags and now print is still as important a marketing tool as ever.

A lot of companies have dropped print in favour of online marketing but many forget just how cost effective and visual print is by comparison. Take, for example if someone put a scrunched up flyer through your door – you’d open it to see what it is, rather than just binning it. It’s curiosity – with online ads, we tend to put our blinkers on and just focus on the content we’re interested in, ignoring what have become pesky ads that we just want to skip or close.

With print though, it’s much more – you can create an experience through print, through the right stock, original designs and on-trend products. It’s not just traditional print that catches the eye, our promotional items are hotter than ever, with mugs proving a popular choice for boardrooms, customer gifts and for branded merchandise.

If you’re not currently using print or are looking to incorporate print into your marketing this year, take a look at the following 3 reasons why it’s guaranteed to work for your business:

  • PRINT IS VISIBLE – Print’s visible to a lot of people. One mug on your desk will be seen by many people each day. One banner outside your office will be seen by tens, if not hundreds of people a day. One vehicle graphic will be seen by up to 3,000 people a day. That’s a lot of exposure for a low outlay, making print not only just cost effective but very adaptable too. Digital ads don’t work on motorways, those in your office or passers by. You have to remember not to neglect physical customers who are in front of your brand, rather than their screen.
  • PRINT IS COST EFFECTIVE – Take flyers for example, you can have a few thousand flyers designed, printed and distributed all for less than a few hundred pounds now. With our design service, we know what does and doesn’t work so you can be sure to catch the eye of many potential customers with an original design. Flyers are also a great way to offer a discount or voucher for customers, making it more personal and exclusive than widespread advertising. A tyre garage for example may spend £200 on leaflet design, print and distribution for 2500 customers. It only takes 2 customers to have tyres fitted to make a return. The lifespan of marketing like this is quite lengthy as people will begin to then see your brand out and about and begin to create a mental bond with it, making them more inclined to use your services.
  • PRINT IS MORE LUXURIOUS THAN EVER – Mention printed leaflets to most people, and the first thing in their mind would be takeaway flyers, often printed on a low stock and mass produced. Whilst this is ideal for distribution and keeping costs down, sometimes you need something a notch or two above in terms of quality. We’re proud to offer a Lux range of products including business 810gsm business cards, lux postcards, clothing and much more. We work closely with many luxury and high end brands to ensure a perfect harmony between high quality print and target customer, retaining the high standard expected throughout.


If you’re interested in utilising print for your business, no matter what size company – sole trader or just starting out, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to help – just click ‘Request a Quote’ on the top of our menu.